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Explore the Archipelago of Infinite Adventures and Cultural Marvels

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Indonesia Tour Packages

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Indonesia: A Tapestry Of Islands, Culture & Adventures

Discovering The Archipelago Of Wonders

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Indonesia Tours

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FAQs on Indonesia

01 What language is spoken in Indonesia? Indonesia's official language is Indonesian, a standardized form of Malay.

02 Is English widely spoken in Indonesia? While many Indonesians learn English as a second language, it's not safe to assume that everyone speaks it fluently.

03 What currency is used in Indonesia? The currency used throughout Indonesia is the Indonesian rupiah. Credit cards like Mastercard and Visa are generally accepted in high tourist areas, and ATMs are available in most cities.

04 Do I need a Visa to travel to Indonesia? If you're traveling from Canada or the United States for 30 days or less, you do not need a Visa.

05 When is the best time to travel to Indonesia? The best time to visit Indonesia is between May and September when the weather is dry and sunny.

06 Is Indonesia family-friendly? Yes, Indonesia offers numerous family-friendly activities such as beach swimming, snorkeling, visits to places like the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, and the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre in Denpasar.

07 Is Indonesia an easy country to travel in? Generally, yes. It's affordable, the people are friendly, and English is commonly spoken, especially in popular areas like Bali and Lombok.

08 Is Indonesia safe for travelers, particularly women? Indonesia is generally safe, with rare violent crime. Women travelers may receive extra attention from local men, but dressing conservatively and traveling with a male companion can help minimize unwanted attention.

09 How severe is the terrorist threat in Indonesia? Indonesia has made significant efforts to combat terrorism, but travelers should stay vigilant. The impact of past incidents on tourism has made many places quieter but still safe.

10 Are there any areas that should be avoided in Indonesia? Some remote areas experience political unrest, such as Aceh, Ambon, and parts of central Sulawesi. Travelers should consult their foreign office and local advice when planning visits to these regions.

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