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Relax and Unwind on the Serene Shores of Wandoor Beach in the Andaman Islands.

Wandoor Beach

Wandoor Beach, located 25 kilometers from the airport, is a popular tourist destination in Port Blair. It is part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, which also has several other attractions.

With the Andaman Islands Administration's sustainable tourism and forest conservation, the beach is bordered by a diverse range of species on three sides.

The beach itself is in a lonely location that can only be reached by driving over solitary roads that wind through the forests. The journey to the beach is wonderful because you are occasionally greeted by a surprising leap of wide blue water visible from between the forest canopy.


  • Wandoor beach has the longest beachfront in Port Blair, easily stretching up to 15 kilometers, and is packed with a clean white beach, complimented with fallen tropical trees following the 2004 tsunami, and has crystal blue waters that welcome you to swim.

  • The water depth is properly progressive, so you may go quite far into the water without worrying about the depth above your neck.

  • The waves are average, and the water currents are moderate, increasing only on full moon nights, ensuring that your swim is excellent and relaxing.

  • When in the water, keep an eye out for underwater rocks and dead coral reefs to avoid getting minor scratches from roughing on them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there have been multiple sightings of crocodiles near the Wandoor beach's trees. Even though they have been transported far from the site, the government has constructed a nest near the beginning of the beach.

Wandoor Beach From a different POV

This net is designed specifically for folks who enjoy swimming at the beach. It ensures that no unwelcome sea creatures make their way inside, keeping the swimmer safe at all times.

There are several lifeguards stationed along the beach to assist in the event of an emergency.


  • The beach begins in an open area near the bus stop and helipad.

  • Near the seashore, there are several open wooden huts with adequate benches and tables where you can sit back and enjoy the great scenery with your family.

  • Moving away from the entrance, there are numerous tiny stores where you may have food and take a break.

  • You can also bring snacks to the beach, but don't dump them near the shoreline because the wandoor beach is a plastic-free zone, and the forest department is very rigorous about it.

  • There are gift shops near the beach where you can buy the best handicrafts and souvenirs at rock-bottom prices, so take advantage of this and bring something home to remember your trip to the Andamans.

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