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₹ 10,400


Documents Required

Photo | Passport | Flight Details | Bank Statement


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Visa Services by Gallivanting Tours:

1. What are the required documents for a Brazil visa?

To obtain a Brazil visa, you'll need:

  • A valid passport.

  • A completed application form.

  • A recent passport-sized photo.

  • Travel itinerary.

  • Proof of funds.

  • Yellow fever vaccination (if traveling from a yellow fever area). Additional documents may be required.

2. Is it required to provide a flight itinerary when applying for a Brazil visa?

Yes, when applying for a Brazil visa, you must provide a travel itinerary, which can be proof of flight tickets or accommodation bookings.

3. What is the minimum bank balance required to apply for a Brazil visa?

To demonstrate sufficient funds for your stay in Brazil, a bank balance of $150 a day is required.

4. How can I apply for a Brazil visa online through Gallivanting Tours?

Follow these steps:

  • Visit the Gallivanting Tours website.

  • Select your travel destination and dates.

  • Upload required documents.

  • Complete the online application.

  • Pay the Brazil visa fees and submit your application. Gallivanting Tours will collect your passport upon approval and return it to you with the visa.

5. What is the validity period of a Brazilian tourist visa?

A single-entry tourist visa is generally valid for 180 days, with a stay time of 90 days from entry.

6. Can I extend my Brazil visa for Indians?

Yes, you can extend your Brazil visa for 180 days within 12 months. Apply at the Federal Police Department in Brazil 30 days before your visa expires.

7. How will I receive my Brazil visa once approved by Gallivanting Tours?

Gallivanting Tours will collect your approved visa from the embassy and deliver it back to you along with your passport.

8. Can I apply for a Brazil visa if previously denied entry?

Disclose any past denials or immigration issues. Brazil authorities will consider your circumstances when reviewing your visa application.

9. Is there an age limit for applying for a Brazilian tourist visa?

No specific age limit; individuals of all ages can apply as long as the requirements and documents are fulfilled.

10. Any health requirements or vaccinations needed for travel to Brazil?

A yellow fever vaccination is required if traveling from or through a yellow fever area.

11. What if my Brazil visa application is rejected by Gallivanting Tours?

Review rejection reasons, rectify issues, and reapply. Gallivanting Tours ensures a transparent process.

12. How long does it take to process a Brazil application with Gallivanting Tours?

Processing time varies (15-25 days), with a money-back guarantee if it exceeds the estimated duration.

13. Can I apply for a Brazil tourist visa online through Gallivanting Tours?

Yes, Gallivanting Tours facilitates the online application process for Brazilian tourist visas.

14. Is an interview required when applying for a Brazil visa from India?

Not always; an interview may be necessary for work or study visas.

15. Can I travel to multiple cities within Brazil with a tourist visa?

Yes, a Brazilian tourist visa allows you to explore various cities and attractions across the country.

16. Can Indians get a Brazil visa on arrival?

No, a valid visa must be obtained before traveling; there is no visa on arrival for Indians in Brazil.

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