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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Visa Services by Gallivanting Tours:

1. Do I need to submit my passport at the embassy when applying for a Costa Rica visa?

Yes, submitting your passport at the embassy is mandatory for the Costa Rica visa application. If you apply through Gallivanting Tours, we handle the embassy submission on your behalf.

2. How early should I apply for my Costa Rica visa?

It is advised to apply for your Costa Rica visa at least 3-4 weeks before your intended visit.

3. What documents do I need when applying for a Costa Rica visa?

Required documents include a valid passport, passport copy, completed application form, proof of accommodation, flight tickets, police clearance certificate, cover letter, bank statements, and income tax returns if applicable.

4. Can I get a multiple-entry visa for Costa Rica?

Yes, the tourist visa for Costa Rica is a multi-entry visa, allowing multiple entries into the country.

5. What is the easiest way for Indians to get a Costa Rica visa?

Indians can easily apply for a Costa Rica visa through Gallivanting Tours. We guide you through the application process and handle document submissions at the embassy, eliminating the need for a personal visit.

6. Do I need to attend an interview when applying for a Costa Rica visa?

An interview is not always required. The necessity depends on each application. Gallivanting Tours will guide if an interview is deemed necessary.

7. How will I receive my visa?

If you apply through Gallivanting Tours, we will send your approved visa to you via courier.

8. What is the Costa Rica visa processing time?

The Costa Rica visa typically takes 10 to 15 days to process, though delays may occur.

9. Can I work in Costa Rica with a tourist visa?

No, a tourist visa is strictly for tourism and leisure purposes, and employment is not allowed.

10. What happens if my visa gets rejected?

In the event of a visa rejection, you will receive reasons for the rejection. Once these issues are addressed, you can reapply.

11. How long can I stay in Costa Rica with a tourist visa?

Indians can stay in Costa Rica for up to 30 days with a tourist visa.

12. How long does a Costa Rica visa interview take?

An interview is not always required; if needed, it usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

13. Can I apply for multiple visa applicants at once?

Yes, through Gallivanting Tours, you can apply for multiple visa applicants simultaneously by providing the necessary details for each applicant.

14. What are the Costa Rica visa fees for Indians?

When applying through Gallivanting Tours, the Costa Rica visa fee is ₹5500.

15. What can cause my visa processing time to be delayed?

Factors such as peak travel seasons, incomplete or incorrect documents, a criminal record, and the complexity of the application can contribute to delays.

16. Can I apply for a Costa Rica visa if my passport expires soon? Ensure your passport is valid for at least six more months when applying for a visa to Costa Rica.

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