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30 Days


30 Days


₹ 12,900


Documents Required

Photo | Passport | Flight Details | Hotel Details | Bank Statement | Income Tax Return (ITR)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Visa Services by Gallivanting Tours:

1. What are the requirements for an Israeli tourist visa as an Indian citizen?

When applying through Gallivanting Tours, the required documents for an Israel tourist visa are as follows:

  • Valid passport.

  • Two passport-sized photos.

  • Approval letter from your workplace.

  • Completed application form.

  • Cover letter.

  • Copy of your ID.

  • Salary slips for the last 4 months.

  • 6-month bank statement.

  • Scanned copies of all passport pages with a visa stamp or sticker.

  • Invitation letter if invited to work, study, or visit a friend in Israel.

2. What is the application process for an Israel visa?

The process is simple. Visit Gallivanting Tours online, gather the required documents, make the application, pay the visa fee, and await visa processing.

3. How early should I apply for my Israel tourist visa from India?

It is recommended to apply 1-2 months before travel to account for potential processing delays.

4. Will an interview be required for an Israel tourist visa from India?

No, an interview is not mandatory. However, additional requirements may prompt an interview.

5. What happens if I apply for an Israeli visa and have a criminal record?

If you have a criminal record, additional documents may be required, and visa approval depends on the severity of the crime.

6. Do I need to provide a letter of invitation as an Indian tourist?

Yes, if traveling to Israel for study, work, or visiting a friend, an invitation letter is necessary.

7. What should I do if my Israeli visa is rejected?

If rejected, reapply, addressing reasons for initial denial.

8. What type of Israeli visa can I get as an Indian citizen?

Various visas are available, including tourist, transit, student, and work visas.

9. Do I need travel insurance when applying for an Israeli visa?

Yes, medical insurance is mandatory for an Israeli tourist visa.

10. What could cause my Israel visa to be rejected?

Common reasons include incorrect documents, invalid information, and insufficient funds.

11. What is the fastest way to get an Israeli visa?

Apply on Gallivanting Tours; the process takes under 10 minutes.

12. How do I obtain an Israel visa from India?

Apply through Gallivanting Tours; we collect and submit documents on your behalf.

13. What would be the time for an Israel visa process from India?

Processing time is around 3 weeks, potentially longer with additional document requirements.

14. What does a tourist visa to Israel cost?

On Gallivanting Tours, the Israel visitor visa fee is ₹12,900.

15. What happens if I provide the wrong documents when I apply for my Israeli visa?

Contact Gallivanting Tours' support immediately with the correct details. Incorrect documents may cause processing delays or rejections.

16. Can I extend my Israel tourist visa as an Indian?

You cannot extend a tourist visa; however, you can apply for a new one while in Israel.

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