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180 Days


90 Days


₹ 3,980


Documents Required

Photo | Passport | Flight Details | Hotel Details | Bank Statement


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Visa Services by Gallivanting Tours:

1. What documents are required to apply for a South Korea visa?

When applying through Gallivanting Tours for your South Korea visa, required documents include a valid passport, flight tickets, passport-sized photo, the last 3 months' bank statements, and more.

2. Do I need travel insurance for a South Korea visa application?

Travel insurance is not mandatory for a South Korea tourist visa application through Gallivanting Tours, but it is recommended for added security during your travels.

3. Is it necessary to book a flight before applying for a South Korea visa for Indians?

Yes, a confirmed flight ticket is required before applying for a South Korea visa through Gallivanting Tours.

4. How long can I stay in South Korea as an Indian?

The South Korea visa allows Indian citizens to stay in the country for up to 90 days.

5. What happens if my South Korea online visa application is denied?

In case of denial, Gallivanting Tours will notify you of the reasons, allowing you to rectify them before reapplying.

6. Can I apply for a South Korea visa online from any country?

Yes, the South Korea visa online system provided by Gallivanting Tours is accessible from any country with an internet connection and the necessary documents.

7. How early should I apply for a South Korea visa before my travel date?

It is advised to apply for your South Korea visa through Gallivanting Tours at least 1 month in advance, as the processing time is around 15 days for tourism.

8. Can I travel to other countries from South Korea on a South Korea tourist visa?

No, the South Korea tourist visa allows travel within South Korea only. Separate visas are needed for other countries.

9. What can cause my South Korea visa to be rejected?

Common reasons for rejection include missing or incorrect documents, a passport validity of less than 6 months, and insufficient funds.

10. How can I pay the fees for a South Korea online visa?

When applying through Gallivanting Tours, fees for the South Korea visa can be paid using a credit/debit card or an approved mobile wallet.

11. What happens if my South Korea tourist visa expires while I'm in South Korea?

Contact the local immigration office immediately for possible visa extension or resolution to avoid legal issues.

12. What health precautions should I take before travelling to South Korea on a tourist visa?

Consult your doctor or a travel health clinic for recommended vaccinations and consider purchasing travel health insurance.

13. Can I extend my South Korea visa?

Yes, Indians can apply for a visa extension at the immigration office, but it must be done 4 months before the visa expiration.

14. Can I apply for a visa upon arrival in South Korea?

No, there is no on-arrival visa for Indians in South Korea. A valid visa is required before traveling.

15. Can I work in South Korea with a tourist visa?

No, a South Korea tourist visa does not permit paid work. A separate work visa is required for employment in South Korea.

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