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Gallivanting Tours is your trusted partner for a hassle-free Madagascar visa application. Here's what you need to know:

Required Documents: To apply for your Madagascar visa for Indians through Gallivanting Tours, you will need the following essential documents:

  1. A valid passport.

  2. Flight itinerary.

  3. A passport-sized photo.

Travel Insurance: While travel insurance is not mandatory for a Madagascar visa application, we strongly recommend having it for added safety during your international travels.

Tracking Your Visa Application: After submitting your Madagascar visa application through Gallivanting Tours, our team will keep you updated regarding your application progress.

Flight Booking Requirement: While not always mandatory, some visa applications may require proof of return travel. We advise verifying this requirement on the official Madagascar e-visa online website or consulting with a Madagascar visa agent.

Duration of Stay: Indian citizens holding a Madagascar online visa can stay in the country for a maximum of 60 days.

Visa Denial: In the event of a Madagascar e-visa application denial, you will typically receive communication regarding the reasons for rejection. Depending on Madagascar's visa policy, you may have the opportunity to address these reasons and reapply.

Global Access to Madagascar Visa Application: The Madagascar e-visa online system is accessible globally. You can apply from any country with a reliable internet connection and the required documents.

Application Timing: To ensure a smooth visa application process, we recommend applying for a Madagascar visa at least 1 - 2 weeks to six months before your planned travel date. This allows ample time for processing.

Travel to Other Countries: A Madagascar tourist visa exclusively permits travel within Madagascar. If you intend to visit other countries from Madagascar, you must obtain the relevant visas for those destinations.

Visa Cost and Payment: The cost of a Madagascar visa is ₹ 1700. Gallivanting Tours will help you throughtout the process, ensuring the safety of your financial data.

Payment Methods: You can conveniently pay the fees for a Madagascar online visa using credit or debit cards or a mobile wallet during the application process.

Expired Visa: If your Madagascar tourist visa expires while you're in the country, promptly contact the local immigration office to avoid legal complications. They may grant a visa extension or require you to leave Madagascar.

Health Precautions: Before traveling to Madagascar on a tourist visa, it is advisable to consult your doctor or a travel health clinic for recommended vaccinations and health precautions. Additionally, consider purchasing travel health insurance for your trip.

Easy Visa Application Process: Applying for a Madagascar visa is straightforward with Gallivanting Tours. Visit our webiste and upload necessary documents, which will be confimed by our team via call with you and we will submit your application. Then, make the required payments and await visa approval.

Working with a Tourist Visa: A Madagascar tourist visa does not permit paid employment within the country. If you plan to work in Madagascar, you must apply for a work visa.

Family Visa Applications: Yes, you can apply for a Madagascar visa online on behalf of your family members through Gallivanting Tours. Simply provide the required information for your family members and we will handle the rest.

Visa Upon Arrival: Madagascar does not offer visa-on-arrival for Indian citizens. Therefore, it is crucial to obtain a visa before your travel to Madagascar.

Gallivanting Tours is committed to simplifying your Madagascar visa application process, ensuring that your journey to this captivating island nation proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

Gallivanting Tours _ Background

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NOTE: One of our team members will reach out to you for a comprehensive assessment of your requirements. They may request additional documents, if necessary. Your cooperation in this regard greatly expedites and simplifies the entire visa application process

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