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Planning your visit to Morocco? Gallivanting Tours simplifies the Morocco visa application process. Here are the key details you need to know:

Required Documents:

When applying for a Morocco visa through Gallivanting Tours, you'll need two essential documents: a valid passport and a recent photo. We keep it simple and straightforward.

Travel Insurance:

While not obligatory for all visa applications, having travel insurance is a wise choice. Some visas may require it, so it's good to be prepared.

Tracking Your Visa Application:

Stay informed about your Morocco visa application status by using Gallivanting Tours' online portal. Just log in using your credentials, navigate to the "Applications" tab, and track your visa status from "Submitted" to "Approved."

Flight Booking:

Although not mandatory, having proof of your return flight ticket is advisable. It can be helpful at the airport, where authorities may request it.

Visa Rejection:

If your Morocco e-visa application faces rejection, don't worry. You'll receive information on why it was denied. You can reapply, addressing the previous issues, with our assistance.

Global Access to Online Application:

Gallivanting Tours' Morocco e-visa platform is accessible worldwide. As long as you have an internet connection and the necessary documents, you can apply from anywhere.

Safety of Online Application:

Applying for a Morocco e-visa through Gallivanting Tours is secure. We use advanced encryption to safeguard your data and privacy.

Application Timing:

To ensure a stress-free experience, we recommend applying for your Morocco visa at least two weeks before your intended travel date.

Traveling Beyond Morocco:

A Morocco tourist visa permits travel within Morocco only. If you plan to visit other countries, make sure to obtain the relevant visas.

Payment Convenience:

Paying for your Morocco visa is hassle-free with Gallivanting Tours. Use your credit or debit card or approved mobile wallets during the application process.

Visa Expiry:

Should your Morocco tourist visa expire while you're in the country, contact the local immigration office promptly. They may grant an extension or require you to leave the country.

Health Precautions:

Before your Morocco trip, consult with a doctor or travel health clinic regarding recommended vaccinations and health precautions. Consider purchasing travel health insurance for added protection.

Accessible Application from Anywhere:

You can apply for a Morocco visa through Gallivanting Tours regardless of your location. No need to visit a physical location.

Streamlined Application Process:

Acquiring a Morocco visa online through Gallivanting Tours is straightforward. Visit our website, complete the form provided below each country page, upload required documents, submit your form, one of our team member will contact you regarding the submission you made to check if everythingis correct, make payments, and await visa approval.

Working on a Tourist Visa:

A Morocco tourist visa does not permit paid work in Morocco. For employment, a work visa is required.

Visa Processing Time:

Processing times for Morocco visas vary but typically take around two days. However, applying well in advance of your travel dates is recommended.

Family Visa Applications:

You can apply for visas on behalf of your family through Gallivanting Tours.

Visa Cost:

The cost of a Morocco visa is INR 9,500. Rest assured, Gallivanting Tours uses secure payment gateways to protect your financial data.

Requirements for Minors:

When applying online, minors generally do not require additional documents. However, it's advisable to have a copy of their Morocco e-visa, birth certificate, or parental consent letter when traveling.

Embark on your Moroccan adventure with Gallivanting Tours, where we make visa applications hassle-free and convenient.

Gallivanting Tours _ Background

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NOTE: One of our team members will reach out to you for a comprehensive assessment of your requirements. They may request additional documents, if necessary. Your cooperation in this regard greatly expedites and simplifies the entire visa application process

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