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What documents do I need to apply for a Dubai tourist visa from India?

To apply for a Dubai tourist visa through Gallivanting Tours, you will need the following documents:

A scanned copy of your passport ID page.

A recent passport-size photo.

Can I apply for a Dubai visa from India without a sponsor?

Yes, it is possible to apply for a Dubai visa from India without a sponsor. Depending on the visa type and duration of stay, you can apply for a visa as a tourist or for other purposes. Ensure you meet the visa requirements and submit the necessary documents as per the guidelines provided on the official Dubai visa website.

What should I do if my Dubai visa application is rejected?

If your Dubai visa application is rejected, it is advisable to review the reasons provided for the rejection. In some cases, you may be able to reapply with the necessary corrections or additional supporting documents. If needed, consult with the official Dubai embassy or consulate in India for guidance on how to proceed.

Can I apply for a multiple-entry Dubai visa?

Yes, it is possible to apply for a multiple-entry Dubai visa. Multiple-entry visas allow you to enter and exit Dubai multiple times within the visa validity period. This is particularly beneficial if you plan to make multiple trips to Dubai within a specified duration.

Can I apply for a Dubai visa if I have previously been denied entry to the UAE?

Previous denial of entry to the UAE may impact your eligibility for a visa. It is recommended to disclose any relevant information about past denials or immigration issues when applying for a Dubai visa. The UAE authorities will consider your circumstances and make a decision based on the information provided.

Is a Dubai visa open for Indians now?

Yes, Indian nationals can apply for a Dubai visa at any time.

Can I get a Dubai visa online in one day?

No, the tourist visa has a processing time of 3 days with Gallivanting Tours, which means you can't get it in one day.

Is the Dubai visa the same as a UAE visa?

Yes. There is actually no separate visa for Dubai. You'll apply for a UAE visa, and from there, you can enter any emirate you want to.

What is the price of a Dubai visa?

The Dubai visa price is as follows:

INR 16,476 for a 30-day multiple entry visa.

INR 7,400 for a 30-day single entry visa.

INR 15,750 for a 60-day single entry visa.

INR 19,350 for a 60-day multiple entry visa.

Can I apply for a Dubai tourist visa from India?

Yes, you can apply for a Dubai tourist visa from India through the Gallivanting Tours app or the online portal.

What is the processing time of a Dubai tourist visa application?

The processing time for a Dubai tourist visa application takes around 3 business days for the visa to be processed.

Which Dubai visas can I apply for online?

You can apply for the Dubai tourist visa online from India for 30 or 60 days using Gallivanting Tours.

Is it hard to get a UAE tourist visa?

Yes, obtaining a UAE tourist visa can be challenging. However, if you apply through Gallivanting Tours, you can apply and get your visa without hassle.

Is a bank statement required for a UAE visa?

Not usually. In some cases, you may have to provide bank statements to show that you can financially support yourself during your stay in the UAE.

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